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2018-2019 Science Professional Development Opportunities 

The CMSE offers many workshops, institutes, and conferences throughout the year. Follow the links below to explore upcoming professional development opportunities in your specific subject and grade level.


Science Teacher Leaders Academy
Grades 3-8
Oxford, MS

Past Science Professional Development Session Insights 

Click on a past CMSE Science Professional Development title below to see insights from individuals who attended the event.

The Science of Our Food System

  • “I learned how to incorporate nutritional facts in the classroom.”
  • “I am planning to begin composting this school year for the garden we already have in place. Now I have many other resources to use for my unit on gardening.”
  • “Students will read different food labels (w/o the item’s name) see how good (or bad) it is for them, then read the actual item.”
  • “I will use the activities and plan to start a recycling/composting program in my room.”
  • “Presenter was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our topic. Enjoyed the workshop tremendously.”
  • “Great demonstrations and very engaging PD Session.”

Thematic Units

  • “I learned ways to start planning for interdependence of systems in 5th grade science.”
  • “Themes were explained in an excellent manner and how they have a direct impact.”
  • “I enjoyed the grade level themes – I’ve never had it explained that way. I liked the resources that were shared.”
  • “Thank you for conducting a useful workshop.”
  • “I am taking the poster I made and try to implement into next year. I am also going to use more models.”
  • “I understand more about what a theme looks like for 5th grade and how to connect our frameworks to it.”

Knuckle Down on the New Standards Series: Grades K-2

Change in the Natural World

  • “I learned how to get the children to do an engineering project.”
  • “I will have the students work together to come up with a solution to a problem and engineer their idea to test it”
  • “The engineering design process compared to an experiment.”
  • “I think the most significant thing I learned was how to make things engineering and not just hands on and the importance of this aspect of the standards.”
  • “I loved getting to go through the engineering process. I would like more hands on activities so I could get ideas to use with my children.”

Knuckle Down on the New Standards Series: Grades 3-5

Interactions with the Environment

  • “Very informative and interesting. Would love to know how to fit into a self-contained classroom.”
  • “I learned how to present an EDP ‘challenge’ to the class and give them the opportunities to explore the process.”
  • “This will help me know what the students should be doing for each standard.”

Energy and Change

  • “I will now encourage the students to look around our campus to find things they can make into EDP.”
  • “I learned that I do not have to teach each individual core idea – They can be combined.”
  • “I really enjoyed the Engineering Design Activities…. Great activities with little resources!”
  • “I have already trained my teachers on the elements & format of the new standards… I now want to give them resources and activities they can use (like the engineering activates & the light bulb article.) “

Interdependence of Systems

  • “I learned how the old standards & new standards are similar & how they are different & why.”
  • “This was an awesome session. I am grateful for the copy of the standards.
  • “The ready-made standards books, progressions document, hand-on lessons, all will be used and shared with my school.”
  • “I learned to incorporate more hands-on activities and use a creative or engineering approach with options.
  • “I will use the ‘vertical alignment’ sheet to see where I can get assistance with my areas.”
  • “I have a better understanding of the changes to the science standards.”
  • “The activity on the oil spill was awesome. I’m definitely going to use this with my students.”

Knuckle Down on the New Standards Series: Grades 6-8

Structure and Function

  • “It was helpful to spend time analyzing where the SEPs & crosscutting concepts are already in the standards. It won’t be an additional ‘thing’ to consider.”
  • “I learned how standards are going to be taught on Physical Science in Middle School before coming to High School.”
  • “I loved seeing that the SEP’s & historical aspects are interwoven already & doing activities that will work for me & my age group.”
  • “The crosscutting concepts being embedded throughout the performance objectives was something I needed to learn more about.”
  • “Today I learned how I could integrate the teaching of history into my classroom by teaching scientific history with primary sources.”
  • “I feel more confident now going about helping teachers craft pacing guides from these standards.”

Systems and Cycles

  • “I learned how to read and breakdown the new standards and how they are spread through the different grades.”
  • “I will use these strategies to write more detailed lesson plans with better explorations.”
  • “I now plan to use more student involvement – continue with ‘hands- on’, but try more student-centered designs.”

Cause and Effect

  • “Received good information about how to use the science and engineering practices within the performance objectives. – Good ways to use science and society and the History of Science using the water activity sheets/cells.”
  • “I learned that even though the core ideas are not covered in every grade, they actually are, just through different means.”
  • “I will take this info back to our middle school/administrators and use them to specifically demonstrate the need for science in elementary school.”
  • “I learned how to navigate the standards. How to read them. How some things are embedded.”
  • “Thanks so much team, I enjoyed all of the sessions I have attended.”

Knuckle Down on the New Standards Series: Grades 9-12

Biology and Life Sciences

  • “I learned the most from comparing the Biology Standards to the K-8 Standards so we could see what the students should already know & what they won’t.”
  • “I plan to use resources learned from presenters & other participants such as: Botany in 8 lessons, Biomimicry engineering challenge, and History of science methods.”
  • “Very inviting, friendly, worthwhile and rewording. Thank you.”

Scientific Literacy

  • “I learned that literacy is more than reading a passage & answering questions.”
  • “I will try to make my students realize they are scientists & how to be more inquisitive.”
  • “I will use some of the lessons as enrichment for ACT prep. I will also share with colleagues.”
  • “Thank you for a great workshop! It was a wonderful learning experience.”

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