Professional Development

The CMSE aims to improve STEM education by offering professional development through workshops, conferences, and institutes for teachers of mathematics and science. All CMSE professional development opportunities engage classroom teachers in hands-on, research-based tasks and instructional strategies that are aligned with state and national curriculum standards. The goal of the CMSE Professional Development Division is to aid teachers in developing a student-centered classroom environment that fosters conceptual understanding of mathematics and science.

Mathematics Professional Development

Teaching and learning mathematics is a complex endeavor that requires teachers to be knowledgeable about the content in ways that go beyond what is directly taught to students.  The Center for Mathematics and Science Education designs professional development opportunities for K-12 mathematics teachers that is focused on deepening teachers’ understanding of the content that they teach in order to meet the needs of diverse learners.  Each session engages teachers in hands-on explorations of mathematics concepts, problem-solving, and research-based instructional strategies aligned with the 2016 Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Mathematics.


Science Professional Development

Developing students’ understanding of the world around us is an essential component of science instruction. The Center for Mathematics and Science Education designs professional development opportunities for K-12 science teachers that allow them to explore ways to engage students in developing these understandings. Through engineering design challenges, pedagogical discussions, and scientific literacy investigations, CMSE science Professional Development sessions provide opportunities for teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the expectations of the 2018 Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Science and to provide meaningful learning experiences for their students.


On-Site Professional Development

Knowing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an organization is paramount for ensuring future success. The Center for Mathematics and Science Education is available to come along-side school and district leaders in meeting the professional development needs for mathematics and science teachers.  For the past decade, the CMSE has provided on-site training sessions specifically designed to address the areas of need for each individual school community.  Explore our “Menu of Options” which are prepared sessions that are ready to be implemented or contact our Professional Development Coordinator, Dr. Julie James, via email at to discuss your specific needs.