Professional Development

The CMSE aims to improve STEM education by offering professional development through workshops, conferences, and institutes for teachers of mathematics and science. All CMSE professional development opportunities engage classroom teachers in hands-on, research-based tasks and instructional strategies that are aligned with state and national curriculum standards. The goal of the CMSE Professional Development Division is to aid teachers in developing a student-centered classroom environment that fosters conceptual understanding of mathematics and science.

“Big props to PrIME for preparing us for Common Core. Y’all have done an awesome job, especially with MSTAR coming in. The teaching we did in year 3 and mentoring in year 4 mimics MSTAR perfectly! Thanks for the difference you have made for me!” - Cori James, 5th-7th Grade Math Teacher

Common Core State Standards Resources

Looking for information on understanding, implementing, and assessing the Common Core State Standards? Check out our resource gallery.

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