Catapult Competition

The Center for Mathematics and Science Education at the University of Mississippi in coordination with the Division of Outreach and the School of Engineering invite Mississippi middle and high school students and teachers to participate in an exciting science and engineering event! The 11th Annual Catapult (formerly Trebuchet Competition) Competition will be held on Wednesday, April 12, 2007 at the Tad Smith Coliseum on the University of Mississippi.

The morning begins with registration, followed by a demonstration of catapults. At this time, catapults will be reviewed to ensure they were constructed within the rules and specifications of the competition. Each team of students designing and constructing a catapult that meets the specified criteria will be given the opportunity to launch. Faculty and staff members from the School of Engineering, the Center for Mathematics and Science Education, and the Division of Outreach at the University of Mississippi will facilitate the competition.

Catapults competing in previous years’ Catapult Competitions will not be allowed to compete in the 2017 competition.

You can view more details about the competition, including the requirements, at the link below.

Further instructions regarding time and location of the competition will be provided to registered teams. For more information, please email

The final draft specifications for the 2017 Catapult Competition are below.  We are requesting feedback and questions via the feedback form linked below. If you are interested in receiving a .txt file and a .py file to run a Python based catapult simulator using an explicit Euler integration method to determine the trajectory, please email: to request those files.


Registration for this event is closed.