Catapult Competition

The School of Engineering, the Center for Mathematics and Science Education, and the Division of Outreach at the University of Mississippi cordially invite Mississippi students and teachers of grades 7th-12th to participate in an exciting science and engineering event! The morning begins with registration, followed by a demonstration of the student designs. At this time, catapults will go through a rigorous safety check to ensure they were constructed within the rules and specifications of the competition. Each team of students designing and constructing a surgical tube catapult that meets the specified criteria(see link below) will be given the opportunity to launch tennis balls. Faculty members, staff and students from University of Mississippi School of Engineering, the Center for Mathematics and Science Education and Division of Outreach will manage the competition.

• Teams will compete in Design, Pop-A-Shot, Humpty Dumpty, Siege the Castle, and Art &Aesthetic.

• Awards will be given in each category

• There will be an Overall Winner from the total scores in each event

Registration forms with a list of students participating and t-shirt sizes must be submitted by April 1, 2018. There is a $75 per team registration fee. 

GRADES: 7-12
DATE: April 12, 2018
TIME: 8:00AM – 3:00PM
LOCATION: The University of Mississippi


For additional information on Specifications contact Matt Nelms, or for Registration and Day of Event information contact Tiffany Gray,

Further instructions regarding time and location of the competition will be provided to registered teams. For more information, please email If you are interested in receiving a .txt file and a .py file to run a Python based catapult simulator using an explicit Euler integration method to determine trajectory, please email: to request those files.

Please see links below for important information including specifications for this competition.