Astronomy Week

Astronomy week is a new and innovative Outreach program provided by CMSE. This fun and knowledge filled week begins with one week of classroom and learning activities led by yourself (the teacher.) We provide all of the materials for your students which you’ll be able to pickup from a University of Mississippi regional campus. You may review an overview of the lessons below.

Lesson Plan Outline

On Friday of that week, we bring our portable planetarium to your school for a session of stargazing without ever leaving campus.

This programs is available at a fraction of the cost associated with a traditional planetarium experience. The cost is a flat fee of $250 (regardless of the number of students), and $0.56 per mile of travel incurred from and back to the Center for Mathematics and Science Education (38655.) If your school is greater than 60 miles from CMSE, lodging expenses will also be invoiced to your school.

The planetarium will hold 20-30 children and each viewing requires 30-45 minutes. Due to limited resources and large demand, we ask that teachers partner up to make this happen. We will only consider requests for parties of 100 or more students. We can accommodate a maximum of 350 students per day. Please view our full policies below.