Mathematics Professional Development


2018-2019 Mathematics Professional Development Opportunities 

The CMSE offers many workshops, institutes, and conferences throughout the year. Follow the links below to explore upcoming professional development opportunities in your specific subject and grade level.


Number Talks in the Elementary Classroom
Grades K-5
Oxford, MS

Deriving Mathematical Understandings
Grades 6-Alg. 1
Oxford, MS

Keys to Mathematical Success
A Professional Learning Series
Grades K-12
Oxford, MS


Understanding Fractions Institute
Grades 3-6
Ellisville, MS
Oxford, MS

Primary Mathematics Institute
Grades K-2
Ellisville, MS
Oxford, MS


[MS]²Network Annual Meeting
Mississippi Mathematics Specialist Network
November 8, 2018

8th Annual Mathematics Specialist Conference
November 9, 2018
Grades K-12
Oxford, MS

Past Mathematics Professional Development Session Insights 

Click on a past CMSE Mathematics Professional Development title below to see insights from attendees.

Mathematical Modeling in the Middle Grades

  • “The resources page will be extremely helpful. I learned that modeling isn’t just manipulatives!”
  • “I learned to be mindful to include various learning styles.”
  • “This was a great session! I found lots of useful information that will transform my classroom!”
  • “Today, I learned how to effectively use modeling in my classroom.”
  • “I plan to start implementing one modeling problem a week.”
  • “I learned there was more to modeling mathematics than using representations or manipulatives!”

Reaching Struggling Math Learners

  • “You did an awesome job and made the six-hour ride worth every second, minute, hour.”
  • “I learned to use manipulatives often. They allow struggling learners to make connections and have experiences with math that they may not have otherwise had.”
  • “I learned how to address struggling students with the appropriate strategy.”
  • “This was great! Buck’s presentations are always helpful and entertaining. He has a gift.”
  • “This session helped me  to understand that every child is not ‘low’. There is a specific reason why students struggle and we have to determine and remedy these issues.”
  • “The most significant thing I learned today was that struggling learners need more than just being told the “how to do” of math but most importantly they need to know why it works that way.”
  • “The conversations between the teachers here today was really great. Everything we were shown by our presenter was relevant and meaningful.”
  • “I will incorporate ways to ensure that my scholars are able to articulate their learning.”

Engaging Elementary Grades in Mathematical Modeling

  • “I can’t wait to share what I have learned with my peers.”
  • “Our school takes the ACT Aspire Test. Mathematics modeling is presenting itself to be a low scoring area across all grades 3-8 and also in all the schools that are part of our diocese. I am so grateful for this information and will look forward to its implementation.”
  • “I will apply the information by allowing my students to have modeling problems that give them the opportunity to ask questions and search for missing information.”
  • “I plan to use a modeling task at least every two weeks to help my students.”
  • “I will begin modeling immediately! My kids would love it and thrive under the open-ended problem solving process.”

Mathematics Specialist Conference

  • “CMSE does not disappoint. Always informative and educational in a welcoming environment.”
  • “Thank you for organizing and hosting this. It’s important for long-term guidance for our district, teachers and students.”
  • “So much fun! I was still able to learn a lot to use in my classroom. Great speaker!!! Structure is important and this session helped me understand more.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this session!! It allowed us to talk honestly and openly, and they also provided available supports/resources out there for math specialists.”

Mathematics Formative Assessment Conference

  • “Thank you, for hosting this conference. I got so many great ideas to use in my classroom. The food and snacks were the best ever! Yall are so awesome at all of this!”
  • “Very practical and efficient way to monitor student growth through formative assessment.”
  • “Dr. Lott’s presentation showed the importance of not having personal biases in order to avoid providing limited instruction to students. Instead, believe that all students can learn by teaching them where they are and grow them.”
  • “This conference was filled with great engaging sessions. I gained a lot of great ideas and strategies that I will be implementing and sharing with my colleagues.”
  • “Enjoyed EVERY minute, including the food!”
  • “Fabulous event! Great sharing at the end. Such positive response for each group.”
  • ” Love this conference!”
  • “Challenged me to think about bias of student learning.”
  • “This conference was absolutely wonderful!! Everything was very well organized from the registration process, sessions, speakers, dinner, breakfast, lunch, candy bar, and refreshments. The facilities were very clean and comfortable. I look forward to attending more conferences here in the very near future!!”

Understanding Multiplication and Division Institute

  • “I loved the vertical alignment with standards from Day 1. Loved the division, long division partial quotient, and the different ways to represent.”
  • “I can’t wait to implement some of these strategies.”
  • “I will apply what I learned today by teaching students new strategies and to apply higher-level thinking questions.”
  • “Excellent presenter, will definitely be back.”

Understanding Fractions Institute

  • “I understand more of the “why” I do what I do.”
  • “Great materials given – Worksheets, binder and dividers to organize materials. Fabulous – Documents emailed to us. Great sharing with other teachers.
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the training on fractions. Dr. James was very thorough and very competent regarding the subject matter. She was so explicit in covering each part of the lesson(s).”
  • “My understanding has been enlightened on the importance of fractions and how to teach fractions because I was truly lost.”
  • “I plan to encourage my students to use the mathematical practices on a daily basis along with providing justification for reasonings they provide.”
  • “Wonderful variety of activities using manipulatives and sharing. Gained understanding of why we invert and multiply.”
  • “I learned the importance of scaffolding instruction by referring to standards from lower grades in order to make connections. At the same time, students will gain a conceptual understanding.”
  • “I have a better understanding how fraction is built upon from 2nd & 3rd grade. I also learned how to read and understand the standards.”

Algebra Institute

  • “I have learned many new ways to use algebra tiles and will utilize them more in the classroom. Also, I learned great techniques to deepen discussion.”
  • “I noticed I was more engaged when I was exploring/problem solving vs. teacher led. I would like more activities for my students to have the same opportunity.”
  • “I am going to share what I learned with other teachers in our district. This is also helpful toward my own understanding of algebra concepts.”
  • “I will use strategies for remediation. I will also use some activities for opportunities to extend students previous’ learning.”
  • “I absolutely loved our activity on completing the square. It was an amazing visual to understand the concept. Completely new to me.”

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