CMSE Insights

What the graduate students are saying about their opportunities afforded to them by CMSE:

In reference to overall experiences gained by being a CMSE graduate fellow:

“As a fellow at CMSE, I have been given so many great professional opportunities. Participating in research, attending national, regional, and state conferences, and teaching courses are just a few of these opportunities. As a future Mathematics Education professional, all of these experiences have helped to lay a solid foundation for what I hope to be a successful career in this field. From MathCamp to team meetings, every big project and every small conversation has been time well spent in working toward the goal of providing better mathematics instruction for the students and teachers of Mississippi.” – Julie James

In reference to attending a national mathematics education conference:

“The overarching benefit was the opportunity to network with mathematics educators and future mathematics educators. By having the opportunity to network and attend sessions, I am able to keep up with what is current within the mathematics education community, while also connecting with potential employers.” – Elizabeth Wells

“Thank you, CMSE, for making it possible for the graduate students to participate in this type of professional development!” – Julie Riales

In reference to scholarship/stipend:

“The CMSE has been tremendously helpful in the continuation of my education. They are providing me with the resources and experiences needed to be a better professional. I am truly grateful.” – Carl Dewitt

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