Creating Continuity and Connections across Content (C4 Project)

The Creating Continuity and Connections across Content (C4) Project is funded through the Mississippi Department of Education Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) program. The C4 Project envisions consistent and coherent mathematics instruction across kindergarten through 8th grade mathematics classrooms in which students engage in learning through problem-solving and teachers utilize ongoing formative assessment. Our goal is to provide quality, research-based mathematics professional development for teachers in grades K-8 that will deepen their content knowledge in order to better prepare students to become college- and career-ready. Our focus will be on helping teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the progression of content as it is developed across the elementary and middle school grade levels, specifically with regard to development of computational skills and algebraic reasoning. An additional focus of the professional development will be to enhance teachers’ understanding of formative assessment and how to act on formative assessment data when planning instruction.