Logistics & Policies


The maximum number of students that can be accommodated per day is 350. The minimum number of students is 100.

The planetarium will hold up to 30 children and each session requires 25-45 minutes, to include 5-8 minutes to enter/exit safely.

The dome is 16.5 feet in diameter and about the same in height.  It is best to have a space (typically a gym) at least 25 feet across and 17 feet high to set up the planetarium.  Due to the sensitive nature of the projector and fan, the planetarium cannot be set up outside.

The planetarium is housed in a large trunk and duffel bag.  Please provide CMSE employees an entrance with handicap access to the set-up location.


Schools will be charged a one-day flat fee of $250 plus University calculated mileage.  The federal rate is currently $0.535 per mile.  If your school address is more than 60 miles from the CMSE office, a lodging fee of $150 per night will also be included.


Two CMSE employees will accompany the planetarium to the school.  The show facilitator will be your main contact when making detailed arrangements about your specific showing.

At least one faculty member must accompany each group of students while waiting for and viewing the planetarium show.

The show facilitator reserves the right to dismiss students and/or end the show as a result of disruptive behavior.

Basic Rules – Minimal talking, No clapping or Shushing, No leaning on walls

Please note that the planetarium is an air-inflated, enclosed dome. While we encourage all students to participate, you may need to make necessary arrangements/preparations for those students with claustrophobic tendencies. Please speak with the facilitator if special accommodations are needed for any student.