Mobile Planetarium Program


What is the Moblie Planetarium Program?

This is a unique experience provided by the CMSE that begins in the classroom and ends with a visit from our mobile planetarium. The best part is that this amazing experience happens without your students ever having to leave school!

The program begins with fun learning activities, aligned with the standards, provided to teachers to complete with their students in the comfort of their classroom. After the showing has been confirmed, teachers will choose what materials they would like to receive from a “menu of options”. These materials can be picked up from the CMSE or any of the University of Mississippi regional campuses (Desoto, Tupelo, Booneville, Grenada).

For second part of the program, the CMSE will bring the mobile planetarium to be set up at your school for a session of stargazing.

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Who is the program for?

The Moblie Planetarium Program lessons are applicable to students ranging from elementary through high school. Students as young as kindergarten are able to grasp concepts shown in the planetarium shows. The planetarium will hold approximately 25 children and sessions range from 20-45 minutes, according to the teacher’s schedule. A maximum of 350 students can be accommodated in one day. Please view our full policy here.

What is the cost?

This opportunity is available at a fraction of the cost associated with a traditional planetarium experience. Costs include $250 for one school day (max 350 students) and $0.545 per mile incurred by round-trip travel between the school and the Center for Mathematics and Science Education (1111 Jackson Avenue West, Oxford MS 38655). If one-way travel is greater than 70 miles, a lodging expense of $150 per night will also be included. If two days are required due to having more than 350 students, the cost is $375 in addition to mileage and lodging.

Please review the planetarium polices found below…

How do I sign up?

After reviewing the planetarium policy, click the button below to request a reservation for the Moblie Planetarium Program.